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Friends Connects families and alumni. By deepening relationships with graduates, as well as with parents, grandparents, and the other important adults in our students’ lives, we will strengthen our community now and in the future.

Our students and their families are the core of our community. We know that the partnership between home and school is critical to every aspect of our students’ development. By deepening this connection, we enhance our ability to nurture young people who are self-aware, emotionally intelligent, intellectually engaged, socially conscious, culturally competent, and who interact with others – locally and globally - in meaningful and transformative ways.

We will work to better understand and meet the changing needs of our current families as they move through the School with their children, with the objective of making the Friends campus a place where a diverse array of families feels welcome from the moment they first step onto campus through graduation and beyond, and where they can develop powerful relationships with teachers, staff, and other families.

Once they graduate, our alumni become living models for our current students of how to live out the spirit of a Friends education beyond our campus. We will deepen our engagement with alumni and their families in ways that keep them strongly connected to Friends, inspiring them to be active with and supportive of the School.

Research and Design (R&D) Team Work

Programming at School: this group is exploring many options to increase programming at school that involves both parents and alumni

Campus Space and Services: this group is exploring different ways of activating various spaces across campus to better support families and alumni, including a student-run coffee shop and a work space with wifi.

Tuition and Transportation: this group is researching busing options used by other schools to explore their viability for our campus. This group is also researching tuition plans for Alumni.

Remote and Digital Events: this group is exploring various ways to use digital platforms to increase engagement with families and alumni

Guiding Questions

  • How might we strengthen our community by deepening our connections with families and alumni?
  • What  defines FAMILY for our community?
  • How are the needs of our students’ families changing and how can we best meet those evolving needs?
  • In order to engender the sense of community we are striving for, what does our campus need to look like in the future?
  • How do we best communicate with families and our extended community?
  • How can we sustain our connections with our alumni in ways that enrich their lives as well as the overall life of our community?  What can we offer to alumni and their communities and what might they be able to offer to the on-campus community?


Christine Pappas ’01

Director of Alumni Relations & Engagement

Amy Mortimer ’87

Senior Associate Director of Admission

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