Friends Connects with Baltimore. We will strengthen our partnerships with the people and communities of Baltimore, together embracing the work of creating a more just and equitable future.

Grounded in our Quaker values of community, equality, peace, and stewardship, we prepare our students for success not only professionally, but also as actively involved citizens of Baltimore. By engaging with and contributing to our City, we will enhance the well-being of our community, our students, and our school.

Our PK-12 curriculum will challenge our students to think deeply and differently about Baltimore, its unique history and its future prospects in an evolving global context. We will make a determined effort to build the Friends community’s capacity for engaging in vigorous and civil dialogue around even the most contentious and divisive issues.

Beyond our campus, we will develop mutually enriching partnerships across Baltimore’s cultural, nonprofit, governmental, business, and educational landscape. Through ongoing and immersive experiences, our students will develop transformational relationships with their fellow Baltimoreans and local communities, gaining a more profound understanding of the challenges and opportunities that we all share.


Research and Design (R&D) Team Work

In, Of, and For Baltimore
Campus and Community

Task Forces

Community Partnerships: this group is responsible for determining what constitutes an authentic community partnership, outlining our aspirations for the Friends School community and those relationships, and recommending a structure that would allow us to create and sustain meaningful partnerships.

Baltimore/FS History Task Force: this group is responsible for developing a comprehensive curriculum that ensures impactful learning outcomes for our students to understand Baltimore’s history, its place in the world and Friends School’s current position within the city and the world.

Guiding Questions

  • How might we best strengthen our connections with the people and communities of Baltimore?
  • How can we create place-based learning experiences in Baltimore City that engage students with neighborhoods and community members?
  • How can we best help students navigate the tensions of our times so that they can be leaders and facilitators in building bridges across the divides they encounter?
  • How can we further expand opportunities for students to engage in meaningful work on real-world challenges through collaboration with individuals and institutions throughout Baltimore?


Tod Rutstein

History Coordinator and Teacher, Middle School

Katherine Jenkins

Science Teacher, Upper School

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